About us

Agrotourism Nowa Wólka offers 10 beds in double, triple and quadruple rooms and wireless internet access. On the farm is fenced and monitored free parking for guests. YThe hotel has a grill and fireplace. Price of stay 80 zł per person per night. Children under 4 years free. Our farm is located in the province. Lublin in New Wolka, Spiczyn community. Municipal area Spiczyn intersect the two largest rivers of the Lublin Upland: Pig and Bystrica. Valley Wieprz and a Bystrica ecological corridor of national importance, in the valleys of these rivers are oxbow lakes. To the natural resources of our area should also include Nadwieprzański Landscape Park, which includes the Valley Wieprza this part of the valley called Łęczyńskim Wieprz breakthrough. Noteworthy are padding and Kozłowiecki Nawieprzańskiego Landscape Park and lime avenue, classified as natural monuments. The geography of our area allow you to organize cycling and canoeing Wieprz valley. It should see the sights: the Church of St. Nicholas. Anne Kijanach, park teams – the palace in Kijanach and Zawieprzycach, eighteenth century cemetery Roman – Catholic Kijanach where relatives buried Maria Sklodowska – Curie.